The Human Transformation Project

I set the Human Transformation Project due to a dissatisfaction with what I’ve seen as a commoditisation and reductionist approach to human development.

The aim is to create a platform to explore what is possible within the field of human transformation. The chance to do the deep personal work of self-understanding that can liberate us from habits and patterns of thinking that no longer positively serve our needs. 

This is a chance to bring together the best of the ancient traditions of Buddhism, yoga and Stoicism and combine it with latest research into human psychology and neuroscience.

The project aims to offer the world what I have discovered through a lifetime of personal exploration and gently pushing physical and mental boundaries to discover and unlock the inherent potential that sits within all of us.

It offers a chance to stop searching externally for happiness and fulfilment but rather to allow the truth of our humanity to be revealed through conscious reflection, connection with our inner selves and deeper, more meaningful relationship with others.

Through increased investment in emotional intelligence with compassion for ourselves and others we are able to be more effective in how we operate in our daily lives. Creating meaningful relationships and doing work that is purposeful. Pursuing the right goals for the right reasons. Finding balance, re-learning to thrive as we release ourselves from the slavery and perpetual dissatisfaction of chasing ‘more’ by investing in a greater appreciation of what we already have. 

The project is to allow ourselves to be comfortable with the frailty and vulnerability of what it means to be human. To let go of the falsehood of perfection and embrace our true nature. To not deny our imperfections but to acknowledge and celebrate our individual and unique perspective of the world. Recognising that it’s these small differences that bring colour and vibrancy to our communities, teams and organisations.

By embracing our true nature we reduce the interferences that plague our development, we reduce the resistance and in its place discover the liberation that comes from acceptance that paradoxically accelerates our own growth. A growth that is self-perpetuating, becoming the flywheel that in turn sustains itself.

With greater awareness, self-acceptance and compassion we are kinder to ourselves. No longer pursuing relentless vacuous goals that leave us only wanting more. Instead, we create a deeper purpose that sustains and rewards us, building a positive momentum that in turn extends beyond ourselves and benefits those around us.

In becoming this awakened version of ourselves, accessing our true nature, we in turn create the space for others to do the same. The light that shines from us illuminates others. As we free ourselves, getting out of our own way we make room for others to do the same. As we find greater clarity we are better able to serve our teams, our communities and our organisations. 

The projects lofty goals are to create a better world one person at a time. This is meaningful work that truly makes a difference. This is the opportunity to build bespoke interventions that celebrate the best of humanity, creating meaningful performance benefits that are both tangible and intangible.

The aim is to walk alongside you in your journey to discover the best of you, your team and your organisation. To create purposeful, sustainable outcomes that contribute to a better you, a better society and a better world.

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