I am enough

I am enough A simple sentence, but let’s explore what it contains. Try it on, see how it feels. Imagine the possibilities if it was true. Imagine the weight being lifted from your shoulders. Feel what it’s like to let the resistance drop away. Notice the sense of liberation, the freedom it provides. Follow itsContinue reading “I am enough”

Conditioned Love

We all experience the first moment of trauma when we realise that the love from our care givers is conditional – it may be in the form of the realisation that the love we receive is not unbounded, the care giver is not perfect or is not 100% attuned or attentive to all our needs,Continue reading “Conditioned Love”


Viktor Frankel pointed us in the direction of the concept that “human beings are meaning making machines”. One of the peculiar traits of human beings is their capacity to create meaning, to find the narrative that links separate things together. It is one of the evolutionary traits that allow humans to organise themselves into socialContinue reading “Symbiosis”

Hungry for success?

At a cellular level all organisms are aiming to maintain homeostasis. A state of internal balance and harmony with their surroundings. The body exerts energy to return to this state and this is the basis for strategies of resilience and adaptability. From a biological perspective an organism does what it can to survive – ifContinue reading “Hungry for success?”

What happens next?

“The only constant is change” – a well-used cliché, and of course, the reason it sticks around is that there is an element of truth in it. Yet at the same time there is the stuff we get used to, become comfortable with and describe as ‘normal’. As human beings we are hugely resilient andContinue reading “What happens next?”


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