What happens when ‘better’ needs to stop?

Learning to thrive in complexity My background, was for many years, epitomised by the search for ‘better’. If there was a measurement then I was always really keen to find the way to push a little harder and see what more I could achieve.  This was great in sport – there was always a personalContinue reading “What happens when ‘better’ needs to stop?”

What happens if ‘the fear’ is the best thing about me?

One of the things I have found useful is the exploration of my own sense of fear, not the fear that prevents me doing myself harm but the fear that is a source of my own internal narrative. What I wanted to find out is whether the old stories and the habits they create continueContinue reading “What happens if ‘the fear’ is the best thing about me?”

What happens when you run out of excuses?

“I don’t have the time” has always been a useful excuse for me. I’ve used it all sorts of circumstances and it’s almost a get out of jail free card that isn’t challenged all that often. The lockdown has really exposed how weak it is. I’ve an abundance of time but there are still thingsContinue reading “What happens when you run out of excuses?”

Managing your wellbeing in times of uncertainty

Covid-19 has created a real and existential crisis. The situation is changing daily and it becomes increasingly likely that we will face short, medium and even long-term changes in the way we live our lives. We know from our research into human well-being and resilience that uncertainty can be a major source of anxiety. LuckilyContinue reading “Managing your wellbeing in times of uncertainty”

A human response to Covid-19

The human response to change has been predicted by Kubler-Ross. This response can be seen to minor events such as being stuck in traffic to major incidents and catastrophes. The human mind builds an imagined future built on past experiences that prepares us for what to expect, with these expectations in mind we prepare strategiesContinue reading “A human response to Covid-19”