What can I learn from the way I treat my iPhone

I love my iPhone. It’s a near constant companion. I’ve grown to rely on it for so many things. It’s amazing what it can do. I can stay connected to loved ones around the world. I can use it to take photos and keep and cherish those important moments. It gives me access to whateverContinue reading “What can I learn from the way I treat my iPhone”


Viktor Frankel pointed us in the direction of the concept that “human beings are meaning making machines”. One of the peculiar traits of human beings is their capacity to create meaning, to find the narrative that links separate things together. It is one of the evolutionary traits that allow humans to organise themselves into socialContinue reading “Symbiosis”

Finding ways to thrive

We face into a unique time in the history of world. A time that no-one foresaw, that no-one planned or wanted to happen. All parts of our lives have been affected – from how we manage our health; how we interact with friends, family and strangers; how we shop; how we educate our children andContinue reading “Finding ways to thrive”

Islands of Calm – reflections on lockdown

The initial phase of surviving the pandemic threat to health and life itself is not over, yet we begin to face into the next phase as the very real consequences that this will have on the economy and our way of life become evident. I recognise there have been times when I have got lostContinue reading “Islands of Calm – reflections on lockdown”

Hungry for success?

At a cellular level all organisms are aiming to maintain homeostasis. A state of internal balance and harmony with their surroundings. The body exerts energy to return to this state and this is the basis for strategies of resilience and adaptability. From a biological perspective an organism does what it can to survive – ifContinue reading “Hungry for success?”

What happens next?

“The only constant is change” – a well-used cliché, and of course, the reason it sticks around is that there is an element of truth in it. Yet at the same time there is the stuff we get used to, become comfortable with and describe as ‘normal’. As human beings we are hugely resilient andContinue reading “What happens next?”