I am enough

I am enough

A simple sentence, but let’s explore what it contains.

Try it on, see how it feels.

Imagine the possibilities if it was true.

Imagine the weight being lifted from your shoulders.

Feel what it’s like to let the resistance drop away.

Notice the sense of liberation, the freedom it provides.

Follow its path – let it expand the art of what is possible.

Let’s explore some alternatives:

I am not enough – watch how that simple word changes the dynamic of the sentence. Notice how that feels. 

Notice the shrinking away. 

Notice the limitations it places on you. 

The simple word brings fear. Where does your fear show up? 

What does it bring with it?

Not good enough, not smart enough, not wanted, not enough

The fear might bring adrenaline, it might provoke action, it might be the energy that moves you – but notice how it holds you back, notice the barriers it puts in your way, notice the limitations it puts on you.

I don’t have enough – a different version, another shift in the dynamic. 

Notice what this brings with it.

Notice the doubt that creeps in. 

Notice the sense of inadequacy.

Feel the craving it creates in you. Where does your dissatisfaction show up?

I need more, this isn’t enough, I’ll be happy if or when…..

The pain of the dissatisfaction may bring a different energy, it might drive ambition, it might move you towards the next hit of dopamine – but notice how it is never satisfied, notice its relentless pull, notice the damage it does. 

What we tell ourselves makes a difference.

What we hear from others makes a difference.

I am enough can be a great source of peace, a great gift to ourselves.

I am enough gets us out of our own way.

I am enough allows us to be grateful for what we have, to savour and enjoy the things around us.

I am enough lets us appreciate the people in our lives.

I am enough lets us value all that we are.

I am enough allows us to love and be loved.

Try it on, carry it around with you. See what a difference ‘I am enough’ makes to your day.

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