Barking up the wrong tree

We grieve the loss of connection and oneness that we had when we first born and seem to spend our whole life trying to get it back. Only to realise many of the strategies we have become habituated to actually take us further away from the very thing we seek.

The habits and strategies are born of a need to protect us. Yet often they have been poisoned by doubt or beliefs that we are alone, not good enough, not loveable, not worthy.

We then spend our lives working hard to try and prove we are enough, loveable and worthy.

When the truth is we always have been and always will be.

The work we do, built on those false beliefs, locks us into a cycle of craving and aversion. It is so pervasive, so common that entire societies are built on it, have normalised it and made us think that this madness is actually ‘human nature’.

When actually the truth, as revealed when we spend time in community with others and with nature, is so much easier.

The path to our true selves is to wake up and realise we are loveable, we are beautiful, we are enough just as we are.

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